Other Avenues and RE-Volv Take Solar Financing to the Next Level

A new crowdfunding project for a rooftop solar system atop a San Francisco food co-op may just be the first step toward solar financing on a much bigger scale.


Plug-and-Play Solar Panels Come to Life with First Public Installation

by Scott Thill


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erika mackie

How Erica Mackie Leads Grid Alternatives’ Push for Low-Income Solar

The CEO of Oakland, Calif.-based Grid Alternatives explains why solar for low-income families can be a life-changing experience.

solar home

NREL Weighs In on Solar Leases vs. Solar Ownership

You can’t lose by going solar: Owning your home solar system outright offers benefits, according to NREL — but there are also advantages to solar leases.

indiana solar

Indiana Utilities and Legislators Work to Halt Rooftop Solar Growth

Large utilities and state legislators in Indiana are coming together to promote a bill that makes distributed and rooftop solar less appealing to consumers.

minnesota solar

Minnesota’s Low-Income Families Can Go Solar with RREAL

The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance has created solar gardens for families that want to go solar but would normally be unable to afford an installation.


8 of the Smartest Smart Grid Projects in the US

From Sacramento to Long Island, these eight smart grid projects highlight where utilities and governments are working together for a more-efficient future.

nrel data book

NREL Says Solar Had Boom Year in 2014, but We Still Need More Growth

Despite 66 percent growth in solar generation last year, solar still accounts for just .5 percent of the US’s energy mix — much quicker growth is needed.

granma cuba

How Cuba is Going Solar in One of Its Most Rural Provinces

Granma Province on the island nation’s southwest coast already receives 37 percent of its power from renewables, and Cuba is going solar to do even more.

irena report

How Solar Power Can Also Help Solve the World’s Food and Water Crises

Tackling coming shortages at the nexus of water, energy and food is a huge challenge, but a new IRENA report says solar power could play a big part.


The Super Bowl’s Green Energy Comes from a Utility Fighting Home Solar

Phoenix’s Salt River Project may be powering this year’s Super Bowl with 100 percent clean energy, but it’s also raising rates on its home solar customers.

energy storage

Energy Storage Systems Will Grow Exponentially in the Next 10 Years

A new report from Navigant Research expects that energy storage — from home solar to utility-scale systems — will grow by more than 3600 percent by 2024.