How Habitat for Humanity Uses Solar to Keep Families in Their Homes

Saturday’s early morning fog had already burned off as a group of construction workers hoisted heavy panels to the top of eight roofs inside a complex of 28 single-family homes being constructed in San Francisco’s …


Infographic: The Top Solar Countries in the World — and How they Got ...

by Matthew Wheeland


Napa Solar Panels Stood Up to Biggest Earthquake in 25 Years

by Garrett Hering


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white house solar

Obama’s Solar Initiatives, Clean Energy Plans Aim to Slash Emissions

The sunshine hits keep on coming for President Barack Obama’s administration. New executive actions and public-private solar commitments recently announced by the White House promise to save Americans $10 billion …

solar in florida

How to Scale Solar in Florida

With the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Power Plan standards, Florida Governor Rick Scott has an opportunity respond to pollution-driven climate change that so gravely threatens our state with …

solar costs

The Cost of Going Solar Keeps Shrinking, and Solar Grows the U.S. Economy

A new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab found that the cost of going solar between 2009-2013 has dropped 50%, and are dropping 10% or more per year.

solar schools

Solar Schools Could Be the Next Big Wave of the Solar Revolution

Any building with a large, flat rooftop is a prime candidate for a solar installation. And one particular large, flat roof that’s ubiquitous in the U.S. is on schools. According …

ACORE west report

Solar and Hydro Still Lead the West for Renewables, ACORE Finds

The 12 states in the western United States are the nation’s goldmine for green energy, creating two-thirds of the country’s solar power, according to the latest regional report from ACORE.

energy efficiency benefits

Energy Efficiency Offers $18 Trillion in Benefits to U.S. Over 20 Years

A new report from the International Energy Agency shows that the US economy could receive $18 trillion in health, energy and environmental benefits by focusing on improved energy efficiency.

UK utilities

Utilities are a Dying Business and UK Should Go Solar, Researchers Say

London-based Institute for Public Policy and Research (IPPR) was reportedly the first to influentially call for limiting greenhouse gases to two degrees Celsius. Now it’s calling for the immediate replacement …

solar jobs

Green Jobs Are Booming — but Will the Growth Continue?

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, announced this month that it plans to open a $5 billion factory in Nevada. The giant facility — they’re calling it a “gigafactory” — will …

IRENA report

IRENA Urges Major Gov’t Commitments to, and Financing for, Renewables

How do we revolutionize the global power system? Follow, then transform, the money. That’s the thrust of the first edition of the International Renewable Energy Agency’s new series REThinking Energy …

clean energy victory bonds

Clean Energy Victory Bonds: Another Way to Finance the Solar Boom?

As divestment from dirty fuels take hold, cleantech financial instruments are ramping up. An intriguing entrant is San Jose Rep. Zoe Lofgren’s Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 (PDF), …