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Latest Solar News
SEPA’s Julia Hamm Gets Into the Ring to Stop Solar Industry Fights

When the solar industry and utilities come to blows over getting more renewable energy on the grid, Julia Hamm isn’t afraid of getting in the middle of it. In fact, it’s her job to do so. As CEO and president … Continue reading

How Utilities in 14 States are Encouraging Homeowners to Drive EVs

While the increase in the number of utilities offering electric vehicle tariffs has been incremental over the past year, a strong increase in future EV sales will likely cause more regulators to implement sweeping statewide changes. That’s one of the … Continue reading

A Map of High Electricity Costs Is also a Map of Who Should Go Solar

One of the most common questions from people who are considering installing a home solar system is, “will it save me money?”. And while the answer is usually a complicated “it depends,” a good rule of thumb is that if … Continue reading

Tata Solar Offers Interest-Free Loans for Residential Solar Financing in India

On Thursday, major Indian solar manufacturer and developer Tata Power Solar announced plans for a new nationwide initiative that will help prospective residential solar users acquire interest-free loans for up to $4,000 for their products. Tata Power Solar, India’s largest … Continue reading

How Repurposed EV Batteries Can Make Home Solar Storage More Affordable

Lithium-ion batteries have led the mobile digital revolution, not to mention the electric vehicle boom, but they’re just more dead weight without proper recycling. Giving them productive life after death has been an ongoing research concern, especially for the burgeoning … Continue reading

Go Solar, Go Electric: Siemens, Sunrun Partner on Clean Cars and Homes

In a bid to motivate even more electric vehicle drivers into a completely carbon-free ride, EV charging system manufacturer Siemens is partnering with solar installer Sunrun. The deal announced late last week offers users of Siemens’ VersiCharge EV home charger … Continue reading

Solar Homes Don’t Make the Grid More Expensive for Non-Solar Homes

Net metering advocates received a shot in the arm last week when an independent study in Nevada concluded that over the next three years, solar homes will not shift costs to non-solar homes — and will, in fact, provide benefits … Continue reading

Solar Panels are now Cheaper than Ever, Study Finds

Spot prices for solar modules around the world hit 63 cents per watt in 2014′s second quarter — an all-time low. [Editor's note: This article, by Jeff Spross, originally appeared on ThinkProgress, and is reprinted with permission.] Spot prices are … Continue reading

Intersolar 2014: Consumer Solar Financing Gets Creative and Competitive

More U.S. homeowners are putting solar on their roof than ever before. What’s driving that growth? “Financing,” said David Field, CEO of solar financing company OneRoof Energy, while speaking on a panel at the Intersolar trade conference in San Francisco … Continue reading

Nissan’s Free LEAF Charging Plan Aims to Accelerate EV Adoption

Electric vehicles, and their proliferating charging stations, are fast becoming our new transportation normal. And Nissan just made it a bit cheaper for Leaf owners. Nissan’s new “No Charge to Charge” initiative has launched at over 2,600 stations in 10 … Continue reading


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