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Latest Solar News
Most Low-Income Families Not Taking Advantage of Smart Grid Programs

While a range of programs exist in the U.S. to help low-income populations increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity costs via smart grid technology, it appears that most do not utilize these programs, according to a report recently released by … Continue reading

Top US Solar Cities Made Possible by Policy as Much as by Sunlight

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the amount of sunshine that drives solar energy growth. Instead, smart local and state policies, utility leadership and strong state renewable portfolio standards are key to that growth, according to a recently released report … Continue reading

New York Solar Spreads like Wildfire, and is Only Getting Hotter

New York is a big state — almost 55,000 square miles of city, river, pasture, suburb, mountaintop, forest and coast. Yet, in the past few years solar power has been spreading like wildfire from one corner to the next. Throughout … Continue reading

Turning Solar Farms into Actual Farms, Too

Consolidating precious natural resources in a warming world is a must. Which is why literal solar farms make sense — and maybe dollars — to Stanford scientists recently researching a colocation approach for simultaneously creating solar power and biofuels. It’s … Continue reading

GRID Alternatives Puts Solar Within Reach of Families that Need it Most

While access to solar might be more challenging for low-income communities, it’s not impossible, depending on where one lives. Nonprofit programs, financial set-aside incentives and projects such as community solar gardens are available in some states and municipalities. So while … Continue reading

Solar Shingles’ Rise Brings Clean Energy and Aesthetics to Home Solar

Once the domain of early adopters who didn’t mind what their homes looked like, residential solar power is on the verge of becoming more mainstream thanks to innovative and aesthetically pleasing solar panels and shingles. Solar power has long been … Continue reading

Obama’s $15M Solar Push Includes Praise for 10 Solar Champions

In his State of the Union address in January, President Obama gave a shout out to solar energy: “Every four minutes, another American home or business goes solar,” he said, “every panel pounded into place by a worker whose job … Continue reading

Home Solar Will Have Another Boom Year in 2014, ACORE Predicts

This year’s outlook for cleaner fuels is bright, according to a recent report from the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). But it is much brighter for some technologies than others. Solar and wind specifically, which remain the cleanest of … Continue reading

SolarCity Restarts Solar Energy Storage Services in California

With the solar revolution fully underway, the next stage of the process is an energy-storage revolution, allowing homeowners to help build in more resiliency and bringing even more clean energy to the grid. Unfortunately, in California’s red-hot solar market, home … Continue reading

8 Ways to Save Energy Every Day, Starting this Earth Day

With Earth Day 2014 fast approaching (Tuesday, April 22), the 44th birthday of the modern environmental movement provides a great opportunity to take small, easy steps to shrink your carbon footprint at home and put money back into your pocket … Continue reading


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