Michigan eyes renewable energy future

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm indicated that her state’s future lies in solar and other renewable energies during this week’s state of the state address.

As governor of a state with some of the most serious unemployment problems in the nation, Granholm particularly focused on the job-generating potential of renewable energy. She laid out a goal of reducing Michigan’s dependence on fossil fuels by 45 percent by 2020 with a mix of new energy technologies and efficiency.

Some of the energy initiatives mentioned on Granholm’s website include allowing owners of solar installations to sell extra power back to utility companies and creating a state energy corps so that unemployed people can work at weatherizing homes and other buildings. She also supports a program that would allow state residents to install energy efficiency products with no upfront costs.

"The nation is moving to a new energy future, but if we are willing to think strategically and act boldly, like we have in other sectors, Michigan can lead job creation in this area, too," said Granholm in her speech.

A separate report in the Detroit Free Press noted that Granholm also said demand for solar energy and wind power are "about to explode" with help from President Obama’s call to double renewable energy production in the next three years.

Author: Tom Staples

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