Sunovia to build Dominican solar plant

Sunovia Energy Technologies of Florida has announced that it is building a $200 million solar energy facility in the Dominican Republic.

According to the company, the project will generate 2,500 jobs as part of an ongoing effort by the Dominican government to attract renewable energy and other technology investments such as stem cell research.

"President (Leonel) Fernandez and his team have shown a tremendous passion for solving the country’s energy difficulties. They’ve realized that having a bilateral focus, including the responsible production of renewable energy, (and adopting) practices that conserve energy are critical steps that must be taken," said Sunovia CEO Carl Smith in a statement.

Sunovia is expected to start work on the project in September at a site near the capital city, Santo Domingo.

A separate report by the Associated Press notes that part of the country’s interest in renewable energy stems from a series of blackouts that occurred in 2008, leading to business closings and unrest that left four people dead.

The wire service also noted that private power companies at the time said that the Dominican government owed them $400 million partially because of high fuel costs.

Author: Danny Vo

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