Organic solar energy technology just one part of the future

Scientists have long been making progress with organic solar energy technology that can be used in ultra-thin applications allowing an increasingly broad range of uses for power from photovoltaic cells.

In the case of organic solar energy applications, scientists are using natural materials to develop something similar to ink that can be "printed" onto a surface, allowing potential products like window shades that can be used to help provide power for a home or object.

However, a recent New York Times report focuses on another use of organic materials when it comes to power.

According to the newspaper, scientists are also working on organic light emitting diodes, which like their solar counterparts, can potentially be wrapped and applied to nearly any surface, allowing unprecedented and highly efficient lighting applications. As the technology matures, it will be closely watched by energy efficiency experts and others, including home interior specialists.

Overall, solar energy is continuing to branch out into a variety of different uses and technologies, and the future contains far more than just more efficient photovoltaic panels.

Author: Nate Lew

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