New technology makes photovoltaic panels work better

One of the benefits of new photovoltaic panel technology is that consumers will have more ways than ever to monitor the clean energy that is being generated for their homes.

For example, SunPower Corp. recently announced upgrades to a monitoring system currently in use in Europe that allows its dealers to monitor the performance of a customer’s solar array. This results in quicker troubleshooting, lower maintenance costs and improved public service, according to the company.

The SunPower technology also allows homeowners to monitor the performance of their solar panels through their iPhone or iPod. This is consistent with smart grid technology being developed in the United States that will allow customers to track their home’s power usage in real time.

Along with monitoring the output of their photovoltaic arrays, consumers have other options to boost performance – such as models that allow solar panels to move with the sun through the day.

Other companies are working on materials that will make it easier than ever to generate solar energy. These thin and flexible photovoltaic materials have the potential to be used in a number of new and innovative building technologies in the future, such as windows that can generate electricity.

Author: Nate Lew

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