Community solar projects gain ground in some areas

A solar energy project in Colorado may emerge as a model for communities in other regions of the country to consider.

A recent report from KUSA-TV in Denver focuses on a project underway in Carbondale, Colorado. According to the television station, the project, involving 350 photovoltaic panels paid for by a group of about 20 homeowners, is now taking shape.

The report quoted project founder Paul Spencer as pointing out that this may be one way for people to support solar energy even if they lack rooftops that point in the right direction, or have some other factor that prevents them from installing solar panels.

Another community solar project is located in the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts. Renewable energy legislation was passed a couple of years ago in that state allowing residents to pool their resources to buy solar panels.

Other companies have been offering consumers plans where they sign power purchase agreements in exchange for placing photovoltaic panels on their rooftops. The costs of photovoltaic materials have been falling in general in recent years due to factors like lower materials prices and more efficient technologies.

Author: Danny Vo

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