Cheap solar power makes typing more efficient

Consumers who are looking to save on their home energy costs, and who do a lot of work at their computer, may find a benefit in a new device.

Tech firm Logitech recently developed a wireless keyboard that works through the use of solar power rather than the batteries most similar devices utilize, according to a report from the Boston Herald. In addition, the keyboard also has an internal battery that will store any of the power it generates for up to three months, allowing users to continue typing even after the sun goes down.

The keyboard's two solar generation strips are located unobtrusively above its row of function keys, the report said. Further, purchasing the product will also help reduce other types of waste because it is packaged in recycled cardboard. The item also carries the affordable price of $80.

Many devices are now being developed that utilize solar power rather than relying on batteries or wall outlets, as they reduce the cost to the consumer and are more environmentally friendly than other models.

Author: Danny Vo

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