Fresno County to get three new solar projects

Already the state with the most solar power in the United States, California will look to get a little more, a Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation, which owns California's largest utility company, has picked two companies to complete three solar projects in Fresno County.

The projects will feature 50 megawatts of solar capacity all together and are being developed in conjunction with a plan for a five-year program to operate 250 megawatts of photovoltaic solar panels. Companies building projects will include Q-Cells SE, which will build a 10 megawatt and 20 megawatt installation, and Cupertino Electric Inc., which will build a 20 megawatt plant. PG&E said projects will be completed by October 2012.

"In total, the three projects for Year 2 should generate about 250 temporary jobs before they start generating job-sustaining electric power," PG&E stated in a blog.

According to the "National Solar Power Jobs Census 2011" by The Solar Foundation, California is far ahead in the solar power job market. The state has 25,575 workers in the solar field, which is about a quarter of the total 100,237 solar power jobs across the country.

Author: Danny Vo

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