California adding more solar energy projects

Sunvalley Solar recently announced it has signed a 366.6-kilowatt solar installation contract with Best Cheer Stone, which will provide Anaheim, California, residents with solar power solutions.

James Zhang, CEO of Sunvalley Solar said the increasing demand for Sunvalley Solar in the commercial solar system installation market has has made the company more innovative in its thinking.

"We firmly believe that 2012 will offer even more opportunity for market growth – as of today we have already signed over $6M of commercial solar installation contracts for implementation in 2012," said Zhang

Tianwei New Energy and a solar inverter from Advanced Energy Industries will provide the power for the 366.6-kilowatt solar power system, which is expected to generate 544,478 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually.

Another solar energy project in California will add the energy efficiency within the state. Jurupa Unified School District and Chevron Energy Solutions recently announced they will work on a project to save the district $34 million. The project will include the installation of solar energy collectors and the replacement of 400 air conditioning units. 

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