Here Enterprises contributes the large wind energy market in Texas

Here Enterprises recently announced the world's largest wind farm is now in Floresville, Texas, adding to Texas's wind energy generation, which is already the leader in the United States.

"The fact that the world's largest wind farm chose Texas as its home really bolsters our confidence that we're in the exact right place for a profitable future," said Mark Ryun, CEO of Here Enterprises.

The wind farm will reside at Cycle Ranch and provide power to the facility. A 5-acre solar farm is also in the planning stage for the ranch. The excess energy created by the new wind and solar farms will be sold back to the local power grid.

With Here Enterprises continuing the grow in the sustainable energy industry, the company will contribute to the projection by Clean Energy Trends that wind energy projects will be a $122.9 billion industry by 2020.
According to Earth Techling, the wind power market in Texas is inspiring artists Laura Zak and Kim Cypert to create a performance art show that digs into the cultural insights from the digital wind energy oral history collection at Texas Tech University's Special Collection Library in Lubbock, Texas.

Author: Danny Vo

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