Arizona taking advantage of its vast potential for solar power

Renewvia Energy recently announced the completion of a 281-kilowatt solar power system at Casa Carranza, an apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona, which will provide 25 percent of the energy necessary to power the 300-unit apartment complex.

"This solar power system will not only drive real savings but enhance our ability to market the complex and increase the resale value or our property," said Ryan Lynch, CEO of Summit Equity Investments. "The solar facility also shows our strong commitment to environmental sustainability at our properties, and we look forward to working with Renewvia again in the near future."

The apartment complex expects to see a savings of 50 percent on its energy bills from the solar power system that covers a total of 15,000 square feet atop the parking canopies and features 1,004 high-efficiency solar panels manufactured by Suntech.

Another recent solar installation in Arizona is from Arizona Western College and Main Street Power, which began operations on a 5-megawatt solar installation that will provide the energy the college needs during the daytime.

This installation brings together five different 1-megawatt photovoltaic technologies to create a 23-acre system that will power the campus and allow the college to employ a clean energy workforce development and training program, as well as research opportunities.

Author: Elysia Niemi

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