IKEA adding solar panels at two more locations

IKEA recently started operating the solar energy system at its store in Baltimore, which consists of a 77,300-square-foot photovoltaic array built with 2,576 solar panels. The system will produce 823,5000 kilowatt-hours of clean electricity annually.

"We are thrilled at how this solar energy system furthers our sustainability commitment at IKEA Baltimore," said Dannielle Ellington, store manager at IKEA Baltimore. "IKEA has a never-ending job where most things still remain to be done. We constantly ask ourselves how we can improve what we do today for a better tomorrow."

The amount of clean energy the store's solar array will be able to provide is equivalent to eliminating 111 cars or the necessary power for 71 homes yearly. The solar array will also cut 626 tons of carbon dioxide emissions to the environment.

In total, IKEA has a solar presence at 75 percent of its locations and generates 26.8 megawatts of solar energy.

IKEA also plans to add 5,000 solar panels at its location in Tampa Bay, Florida, according to Tampa Bay Online.

The news source said the solar array will nearly cover the entire roof of the Tampa location. 

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