Solar energy industry shows growth in Tennessee

A recent report by the Tennessee Solar Institute reveals that the state's solar industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, opening up opportunities for economic development, creating jobs and providing the state with more solar energy.

"With companies old and new investing and innovating, the solar sector is putting some of our 297,000 unemployed Tennesseans back to work, while growing our state's economy and capturing a bigger slice of the $240 billion global clean energy market," said John Sanseverino, director of programs at TSI.

Small business growth can also be attributed to the increase in solar energy projects within the state. The firms in Tennessee's solar value chain are mainly small businesses – 58 percent have 25 employees or less, while 78 percent employ 100 people or less.
One of the many solar energy developments popping up in Tennessee is from a University of Tennessee-led partnership that includes the city of Knoxville, which was recently awarded with a Rooftop Solar Challenge grant issued by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The group plans to use the grant to work with local officials to ease the process of permitting, planning, zoning and connection processes for solar installations in the state.

Author: Danny Vo

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