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    Solar News

    Home Solar Will Have Another Boom Year in 2014, ACORE Predicts

    This year’s outlook for cleaner fuels is bright, according to a recent report from the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). But it is much brighter for some technologies than others. Solar and wind specifically, which remain the cleanest of … Continue reading

    SolarCity Restarts Solar Energy Storage Services in California

    With the solar revolution fully underway, the next stage of the process is an energy-storage revolution, allowing homeowners to help build in more resiliency and bringing even more clean energy to the grid. Unfortunately, in California’s red-hot solar market, home … Continue reading

    Xcel Invests in Big Solar in Colorado — at Home Solar’s Expense?

    If you’ve been following Xcel Energy’s ongoing efforts to slash rooftop solar incentives in Colorado, you may think the Centennial State’s largest utility is simply anti-solar. After all, Xcel is aggressively and unabashedly attempting to make its case to Colorado … Continue reading

    How Minnesota’s Value of Solar Tariff Weighs Solar’s Climate Benefits

    Rooftop solar electricity generation helps homeowners save money on their electricity bills. It can help support the rest of the electrical grid during times of high usage or outages. It can help utilities meet their renewable energy mandates. And, if … Continue reading

    Renewable Energy in the Southeast: Slow Growth but Lots of Potential

    With little incentives or policies in place to support the growth seen in other areas, renewable energy in the Southeast U.S. lagged behind the rest of the nation in 2013. Yet with growth in the solar and wind sectors — … Continue reading

    We Can Avoid the Worst Climate Catastrophes — but only by Acting Now

    The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just issued its third of four planned reports. This one is on “mitigation” — “human intervention to reduce the sources or enhance the sinks of greenhouse gases.” [Editor’s note: This post, … Continue reading

    How the Alberta Carbon Tax Funds Some Renewable Projects

    Alberta is stuck on tar sands — a well-known final destination for dinosaurs. So should it pivot faster to renewables like solar? Yes please, say those concerned that Alberta, “the carbon emissions capital of Canada” is restricting its mandated flow … Continue reading

    Where Does Home Solar Fit into Arizona’s 15-Year Energy Plan?

    By 2029, Arizona will use three times the amount of energy from rooftop solar and twice the amount of renewables than today, the state’s largest utility forecasted recently. But while that growth rate may seem impressive, it’s actually at a … Continue reading

    U.K. Sets Goal to Be a Solar Nation with 2020 Solar Strategy

    The government of the United Kingdom today unveiled an ambitious national “Solar PV Strategy,” setting a number of targets that, if achieved, will reshape the nation’s energy industry — and its carbon footprint. The top-level goal is to create 20 … Continue reading

    Philadelphia Solar Love: City Council Commits to 20K Solar Roofs

    If Philadelphia has its way, solar energy could be on its way to become as synonymous with the city as Rocky Balboa and the Liberty Bell. Recently, the city council unanimously passed a resolution aiming to install enough solar capacity … Continue reading