Tesla’s Powerwall: Helping Solar Achieve Escape Velocity

As the hype about Tesla's new energy-storage platform becomes reality, experts across industries now see the Powerwall as a truly world-changing technology.


Now You Can Check Your Solar Panels’ Performance on Your Phone

by Kristine Wong


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EnergySage Continues to Expand Its Online Solar Marketplace

Promising to make shopping for solar easier, EnergySage has landed more funding and expanding its online solar marketplace to new states.

shared solar

How Shared Solar is Giving People the Power in France

By contributing to the citizens’ fund and association Énergie Partagée, everyone can become a champion of the energy revolution — for example, by supporting shared solar energy from Normandy.

UK solar

Across the Pond, What’s the State of the U.K.’s Solar Market?

Despite a recent setback from a Conservative Party electoral triumph, the U.K.’s solar market has been booming lately, and all signs show room for more growth.


Vancouver Ranks Last in List of Best Cities for Solar in Canada

Despite being the biggest city in the nation’s greenest province, Vancouver’s policies make it the worst city for solar in Canada, according to SPEC.

nevada home solar

Nevada Home Solar Customers May Face More Fees This Summer

A unanimous vote by Nevada’s state senators will let utilities add a new fee for home solar customers while also extending the state’s net metering term.

solar goals

California’s Ambitious Clean Energy Goals are Doable, Offer Big Benefits

An analysis of Gov. Jerry Brown’s clean energy goal finds the state can easily reach the goal, and will save $50 billion a year while creating more jobs.

solar report

Solar is a Boom with No Bust, According to New Deutsche Bank Report

Cratering solar costs and skyrocketing demand means the solar boom is unlikely to end. So say the experts at Deutsche Bank in an exhaustive new solar report.

future of solar

How MIT’s Future of Solar Study Wants to Grow Solar – Without Subsidies

The United States needs to expand it solar capacity by about 2,000 percent, but net metering and the ITC aren’t the right tools, says MIT’s Future of Solar report.

ev charging

Why 7 States Have Already Passed Fees on EVs — and More are Probably Coming

As electric vehicles take up a greater market share, states fear plummeting gas tax revenues — so expect fees on EVs to become more commonplace.

georgia solar

How the Sun is Finally Rising for Solar in the Southeast

A law signed this week by the governor of Georgia gives solar in the Southeast a solid boost, opening the market for third-party leases and a possible solar boom.