Luminalt’s Jeanine Cotter: How Solar Loses Without a Diverse Workforce

The CEO of the San Francisco-based solar installer explains her company’s success with putting a high priority on building a diverse workforce.


Now You Can Check Your Solar Panels’ Performance on Your Phone

by Kristine Wong


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solar jobs

A Look at the Full-Court Press to Recuit Veterans for Solar Jobs

After the president’s announcement of a goal to train 75,000 veterans for solar jobs, solar companies are stepping up to bring them on board.

tesla battery

Tesla Battery Product to ‘Fundamentally Change’ How The World Uses Energy

Elon Musk has unveiled the long-awaited Tesla battery product — Tesla Powerwall — which promises to change the home energy storage market forever.

sepa rankings

The Top 10 Solar Utilities Ranking Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Utility-scale solar packs a lot of bang for the buck, but there’s still no reason why so many of the top solar utilities should try to kill off home solar.

jerry brown

California Governor Sets North America’s Most Aggressive Climate Goal

Under Jerry Brown’s new Climate Goal for California, the state will reduce its emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

solar installers

Will the End of Solar Subsidies Kill or Strengthen the Solar Industry?

A new white paper from Stanford University argues that the coming end of the big federal solar subsidy may end up helping the solar boom — but not everyone agrees.

renewables in china

Renewables in China Could Supply 85% of Electricity by 2050

The world’s largest consumer of coal could undergo a dramatic shift as renewables in China pick up speed in the coming decades, according to a new report.


Solar Companies Shine in Bloomberg’s New Energy Pioneers Awards

Locus Energy, Stem and BBOXX are among the highlights of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Pioneers for 2015 — shining a big spotlight on the rise of solar tech.

ev charging

Electric Vehicles Get a Roadmap to the Mainstream

A new government study highlights the benefits of electric vehicles and points a path forward to expanding adoption of EVs.


Looking to Go Green? New Energy Concierge Service Wants to Help

A startup just launched by SunPower co-founder Tom Dinwoodie wants to help you go green, from home solar to electric vehicles and more.

earth day and solar

Infographic: This Earth Day, Go Solar to Save Water

There are so many reasons to go solar, and Earth Day only provides a convenient excuse. But still, it’s a big deal that solar energy uses so little water.