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Latest Solar News
Solar in Alberta: CanSIA Calls on Province to Achieve its Solar Potential

It’s time to go solar in Alberta. That’s the thrust of a new policy paper just released from the Canadian Solar Industries Association, which urges Alberta’s provincial government to tap into its solar power potential. The CanSIA paper, “From Proven … Continue reading

The Good Bad News from Clean Edge’s Solar Leadership Rankings

There’s good and bad news to deliver when it comes to the American solar leadership landscape. The good news is that solar has gone mainstream across the United States. The bad? More battles are brewing on the sunny horizon. The … Continue reading

Utilities that Support Renewable Energy, Efficiency are Still a Rare Breed

A handful of the largest holding companies of investor-owned utilities in the U.S., such as NV Energy, Xcel Energy, PG&E, Sempra Energy and Edison International, are deploying from 17 to 21 percent of their energy from renewable energy sources. Yet … Continue reading

15 Million Solar Homes Could Provide Half of Calif.’s Energy by 2050

The Golden State is by far the largest state in the U.S. – with an estimated population of 38.3 million as of July 2013, it’s nearly 50 percent larger than the second most populous state (everything else may be bigger … Continue reading

The Price of Oil: Colorado Suffers Oil and Gas Spills Twice a Day

The more they drill, the more they spill. And the part about telling residents about it, not so much. A Denver Post analysis of Colorado oil and gas spills so far in 2014 reveals that they are happening twice a … Continue reading

How Minnesota’s e21 Initiative Bridges the Utility – Home Solar Divide

The battle for America’s energy future has been showcased as a David-vs.-Goliath slugout between big investor-owned utilities and proponents for renewable energy. Yet in Minnesota, a statewide initiative is quietly bringing together utilities, regulators, policymakers, industry and clean energy advocates … Continue reading

The EU Plans To Get 30 Percent More Energy Efficient By 2030

The European Union has introduced an energy savings goal of 30 percent by 2030, a goal that goes beyond the EU’s current energy efficiency target of 25 percent by 2030. [Editor’s note: This article, by Katie Valentine, originally appeared on … Continue reading

Google’s Offering $1 Million to Improve Home Solar Inverter Technology

“Smaller is baller,” “Min it to win it,” “Think shrink.” Those are the puns Google is using to promote its new competition: $1 million to whomever can invent a working power inverter for solar and other forms of renewable energy … Continue reading

The PACE Financing Tool that Puts Solar on Your Roof Can Also Save You Water

We’ve long been big fans of PACE financing as an easy way to motivate homeowners to put solar on their roofs. Property assessed clean energy, as we wrote last month, is a simple way to add the cost of a … Continue reading

How Can We Bring the Electric Grid into the 21st Century?

It seems everyone involved with renewable energy and climate change is asking the same question these days. What will the 21st century grid look like? This is one of the key questions the Department of Energy is asking as part … Continue reading


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