How TechWomen Builds a New Generation of International Greentech Leaders

Asal Ibrahim isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She has flown from Jordan to the heart of Silicon Valley to work with commercial solar installer Vista Solar for the month of October to evaluate …


IEA Sees the Future of Solar: Lower Costs and More Energy by 2050

by Kristine Wong


Clean Energy Victory Bonds: Another Way to Finance the Solar Boom?

by Scott Thill


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solar labor

Solar Jobs Are Becoming a Big Added Benefit of the Solar Boom

The solar sector, now adding jobs to the American economy at 10 times the national average, has given labor some much-needed love. Now it’s labor’s turn to love solar back …

alevo factory

Alevo Helps North Carolina Look Away from Tobacco to Energy Storage

Deep in tobacco country, the once booming Phillip Morris cigarette plant in Concord, North Carolina has been reborn into a facility that churns out batteries for solar and wind farms. …

mulitfamily homes

How the Federal Government is Trying to Spur Solar on Multifamily Homes

There is currently just 33 megawatts of solar on multifamily homes in the U.S., but the White House and HUD aim to quadruple that in the next 5 years.

florida solar

Floridians Step Up to Fight for Smart Solar Policies

Florida residents this week rallied for smart solar policies, continue the fight to bring the benefits of home solar to the nation’s Southeast.

solar rankings

State-by-State Solar Rankings Show the Power of Smart Solar Incentives

The analysts at SolarPowerRocks have compiled state-by-state solar rankings that offer few surprises but underline the importance of solar-friendly policies.

solar installation

Four Charts that Show How Solar Can Power a Clean-Energy Revolution

Can we build enough carbon-free energy fast enough to avert catastrophic climate change without having to power this energy transition with fossil fuels that would undermine the whole transition? The …

zayed energy prize

Solar Firms Get a Crack at the $4M Zayed Future Energy Prize

Growing the solar sector on fossil fuel’s traditional turf is a productive way of mainstreaming renewable energy. The United Arab Emirates’ notable participant is the Zayed Future Energy Prize, named …


How TechWomen Builds a New Generation of International Greentech Leaders

Solar and other clean technologies are playing a bigger part in the latest round of the TechWomen international mentoring program.

solar heating and cooling

Solar Heating and Cooling, Mostly Overlooked, Could be Ready to Take Off

With all the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding home solar systems, solar heating and cooling (SHC) might look like its invisible stepsibling. Compared to other countries, the U.S. has deployed SHC …


Sunshot Initiative Brings $53 Million in Funds to Speed the Solar Boom

Souped-up solar cells, speedier PV system installations and U.S.-manufactured solar at globally competitive prices are just a few of the end goals for projects recently awarded a total of $53 …