Florida continues trend towards solar

A Florida construction company reportedly says it has built the largest private solar energy installation in the city of Jacksonville.

A report on WJXT-TV says that the Dana B. Kenyon Company of Jacksonville installed a 26-kilowatt solar roof system on the roof of its headquarters. The setup will reportedly save the company 30 percent on its monthly electric bills as well as on its annual energy needs over the next 30 years.

Company president Matt Kenyon told the station that the company was embracing solar energy by "putting our money where our mouth is."

The report also noted that despite the project’s initial $250,000 price tag, the combination of federal and state tax incentives meant that the company only ended up paying $40,000, allowing the roof to pay for itself in as little as six years.

Looking ahead, the sunshine-soaked state of Florida has some fairly ambitious plans for solar energy. For example, in December construction began on a 75-megawatt project that combines solar thermal technology with natural gas fuel. The state is also currently working on two smaller solar energy facilities that could go online as early as this year.

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