Florida company markets solar kits for golf carts

A Sunshine State company is capitalizing on a natural product for the benefit of a pastime enjoyed year-round by many people in the state.

Gulf City Solar of Bonita Springs, Florda is selling a solar power kit for golf carts as part of a partnership with Golf Ventures of Lakeland, according to published reports.

The solar kit consists of flexible thin-film solar panels that can be attached to a golf cart's roof, with the assistance of two-sided tape. When removed, the panels come off without leaving behind any residue or damage because the panels are not made of glass. That makes their installation simpler as well.

The product's efficiency rate is 30 percent higher than other products available in the market, representing a surprise since glass panels typically are more efficient than thin-film panels.

The product works best if owners leave them in the sun when they're not in use so the batteries charge. The kits are projected to last as long as six years, and can save as much as $90,000 in the first three years if installed on 50 carts.

Author: Nate Lew

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