Nevada school district gets solar power

A project at Carson City School District in Nevada has bought a brand new 300-kilowatt solar panel array.

Mark Korinek, operations manager for the school district, told the Nevada Appeal the new array at Eagle Valley Middle School is very near to a 1.2-megawatt solar array at a National Guard compound. There are 9,604 solar panels installed at five schools in the district, which create about 4 megawatts of power.Korinek said more solar power projects are planned at a local area college.

“I believe, per capita, we could call Carson City ‘Solar City','” he told the crowd gathered October 26 for a celebration of the solar panel completion, according to the Appeal. The school superintendent, Richard Stokes, believes these new panels will help save the district money.

"About $200,000 we believe," local TV station KOLO quoted Stokes as saying. "And those are moneys that instead of being used to pay utility costs will be put back in the classroom."

Author: Danny Vo

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